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Saturday, January 16, 2016

One Life One Planner (Filofax, Bullet Journal, ECLP, Midori TN, etc.)?

In this post we discuss if it make any sense to have one planner for one life.

As a Youtuber, I watch a lot of YouTube videos. I noticed that as the planneraddict' bag has bitten more and more people, people start to show A LOT of planners. I'm thinking "wow, that's a lot of planners to keep track of!" I feel that people just making an exuse to keep buying them. Or keep buying them and then thinking of reasons to use them because they DO have an expiraion date.

 I have always thought that of a lot of planners as a burden. I don't want to keep a lot of planners. I am highly visual person, so I have to keep them always in front of my eyes just to remember to use them. Out of sight is out of mind for me. And who has time to keep up with all of them? This was the reason to use a Filofax. I could use as much paper as I want for ANY aspects of my life, and combine them all into one place. I could take the current neccessary papers with me, and leave what I don't want at home. It was important to me to have a uniformed look of my ages, so I have the whole life in the uniformed archive.

Now I think I need to have a separate blog and YouTube channel. And I really need a spare place for my brainstorming, mind maps, and braindumps. I also would like to mainain a planner/tracker for my daughter's school performance and personal development. I wouldn't mind also to have a family memory binder just for history records.

I'm torned.

What about you? Do you have a separate planner for different sides of your life? How do you use them?

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