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Sunday, August 25, 2013

My week 35 - Back to my personal Malden?

No decoration video this week, but i have filmed 4 of them yesterday, so wait to watch them!!
I have moved form a pocket Malden to a personal one. Not because it didn't work for me but because I felt so sorry for my personal one, that I couldn't bear for it to be without a job! i also moved all my money there and didn't like it, because the pocket in the Malden is on the inside, and the zipper is in the middle of the inside cover - not really helpful to get coins from it! I'd really like to have a pocket on the outside cover! And a big full lenght pocket as a pocket Malden have to stick there my notes! This pocket is really handy! Maybe I should get a Gillio? What do you think?

This week I have received an  A5 PURPLE Malden ( a YouTube video)  and I  have sold my Malden in black. Yes, you've seen it right, I sold it!!! Damn it! I will really miss it! BUT I bought a purple personal Malden, I hope it will be here soon. And I think I will move up to a size -to an A5 size !! I am so ready for that!
How your week was? Anything new?

Sunday, August 18, 2013

my week 《33/52》☆ _ the second week in the pocket Malden

My daughter was sick for the whole week,  and I was very upset about it. We were sitting at home and didn't go anywhere. I haven't made any videos for my youtube channel either,  so there's no decoration on the pages.
          I am still torn between the pocket and the personal Maldens. Also, if you follow me on YouTube , you know, that I have an A5 Calipso that I'd like to try, and I plan to do it!
I have added "to do" pages, "youtube ideas",  "to buy", a day on one undated pages, also monthly inserts that I printed from philofaxy blog.
        Still I am upset that a pocket Malden couldn't hold bigger page size as a personal Malden! Also the weekend space is squizzed so much that I can't stand it, and I just took these undated pages "a day on one page" and have written there all my chores for this particular day.
        What is your pocket size experience?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Duplex Filofax???? I'd LOVE to have one!

Several months ago I stumbled upon this:
Even without any further explanation, what do you think of it? Will you find it useful? Should filofax make the binder again (it was available in the 70-s)?

  • You could see your notes at a glance
  • for me it would be useful to plan out the week, and the day. For instance, to have the month view on the left side, and the week view on the right, and rewrite my appointments. Then, without moving the pages from the right rings to the left, from my week view on the right, to plan out my days on the left in the depth, with my to-do's.
  • Another use would be to take notes at the same time as viewing my weekly schedule.
  • It is doable with an Arc by Staples version!! Yes!! I wish I had an access to it right now! Staples don't ship internationally. I'd love to have someone from UK/US/european country that has Staples to help me to get it!
  •  the weight of double set of rings must be huge!
  • it's not available to buy easily, I doubt to find it right now even on eBay!

More information could be found here: (I just found the link on google! Didn't know about ot!)

So what do you think??
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Sunday, August 11, 2013

My week 32/52-pocket Malden filofax!!!

Since I bought a pocket Malden,  I decided to try to use it as my main filofax. Yes, the pages are tiny tiny, and I do need more space. But it is perfect for on-the-go writing.  And it is really portable.  I do think that it is possible to make it work. Just use more pages. I was busy, and didn't have much time to set it up, even no decoration video this week. And my daughter is sick again, which upsets me a lot.

P.S. The main thing that I enjoy in my pocket Malden is the big picket on the back of the binder. It is very handy to shove there notes on the go, when you don't have time and patience to rewrite them!

P.P.S. Did you notice my new tabs? I bought a new stamps set abd made them outside while my daughter was playing in a playground.  Love ut! I post a picture on my Instagram account about it.

P.P.P.S. I added two flyleaves in the front and back, and seversl sheets of undated day on a page and decorated lined pages. The day on a page and decorated lined pages I hacked from two notebooks that I showed in my "Unboxing a mystery filofax" video. I didn't like using the decorated pages because the pictures on them distract me and  I prefer to have free rather than cluttered space!
One thing that disappointed me was that I couldn't use wider pages (these notebook pages are wider than the standard ff pages). I thought that the pocket Malden is the same as the personal Malden, in which I could use Franklin Covey pages, that are about 1 cm wider than ff personal size pages! No luck here!

P.P.P.P.S. I intended to use it as my wallet, and it is working as a wallet great! A lot of pockets, one for a change, and swveral for creadit cards, and cash.  I wanted to make a several tio loading envelops to divide my cash into several portions for different purposes, but there is no need for that either! But I will make the envelops anyway, just to try out the system!

P.P.P.P.PS I have read a lot of posts and watched a lot of videos on a pocket filofax set up, but anyway, there is not that much information about it. Have you ever tried a pocket filofax or any kind of binder?

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