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Thursday, January 15, 2015

My rediscovery of Midori!

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Midori is a fun and convenient notebook to have lists.  I enjoy the fact that there are no rings (Yes, I know that my Filofax is screaming in the room's corner now "pick me up instead!", but it should wait for now!).
And I enjoy the fact that it is the exact width not to waist paper on the right side if the writing.
I enjoy the feeling of the leather.  I have rediscovered my Midori!
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Friday, January 9, 2015

"The Traveling Midori" Project -Sign In Begins!

I am starting "The Traveling Midori" project, where you could have fun with a travelling Midori and collaboration with people from all around the world, rules are:
1) I'm going to send one insert only at the start
2) you will write/draw/put puctures about yourself, the place where you live, and anything else what you want
3) you will have the Traveling Midori for 5 days, then send it to the next person
4) be aware of international shipping charges, it is a traveling Midori after all
5) the next person could be in the same country, but it definitely should be not the same town/city
6) if the insert is finished, the person should add another insert, and pass both inserts to tge next person.
7)The Travelling Midori  inserts doesn't need to be the authentic Midori insert, it coud be a DIY insert!
8) if the shipping day is the national holiday day when the post is closed, shipping needs to be done when the post office opens
9) on the day you get the traveling Midori, you make pictures of it and put here on this FC group, after you made your entries in the Traveling Midori, you make a video about it and put it on YouTube.
You could sign up here on MySummerTouch Fun Facebook group! Can't wait to see all the fun!

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My #Midori that I'm #set ting up! #post

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

My Filofax Art Decoration Week 1/52 (Strange)

This week's decoration was inspired by one Strange Decoration on IG. Most likely she used stickers for her decorations, which I didn't want to use (my followers know that I don't like to use stickers). Instead, I used decorative scissors, and my favorite cosmetic catalog (a free one). I chose striped pink-gold-black colors, and tried to replicate the same patterns, it didn't turned out how it supposed to, but I got something that looked like leaves. I made my usual collage - put several layers one on another of the catalog's clippings, and glued it one on another (using regular paper glue). I must say, that collage makes my Filofax pages strong, and I like them more like that, I don't have to be careful with them after that! If you like my decortion, please share it and leave comments below!
You could watch my Decoration Videos here
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