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Thursday, January 1, 2015

My Filofax Art Decoration Week 1/52 (Strange)

This week's decoration was inspired by one Strange Decoration on IG. Most likely she used stickers for her decorations, which I didn't want to use (my followers know that I don't like to use stickers). Instead, I used decorative scissors, and my favorite cosmetic catalog (a free one). I chose striped pink-gold-black colors, and tried to replicate the same patterns, it didn't turned out how it supposed to, but I got something that looked like leaves. I made my usual collage - put several layers one on another of the catalog's clippings, and glued it one on another (using regular paper glue). I must say, that collage makes my Filofax pages strong, and I like them more like that, I don't have to be careful with them after that! If you like my decortion, please share it and leave comments below!
You could watch my Decoration Videos here
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