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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

How Robert De Niro uses a Filofax

In this post we will know, finally, how Robert DeNiro uses a Filofax.
Here is Mr. De Niro at his work table, thinking what to do.
De Niro at his table 

And here is his briefcase with his Filofax.

Filofax looks like it was well used/loved, in a lovely red color, but, unfortunately, with lack of paper inside. It might be Cavendish.
Of course,  that's not a real work that Mr.De Niro work for (or is, he works as an actor, right?). These are scenes from his new movie "Intern", that was recently released. The main character also plays another major star Anne Hathaway. I enjoyed the movie a lot. What about you? Have you seen it?
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Monday, January 25, 2016

My Week in Filofax

In this post I will show you my week in my  Filofax
So here it is
This week I have not changed my ochre Filofax Malden on any other Filofax or organizer. I used multiple color gel pens, week on one page inserts plus note page that I cut out of a notebook because I liked the paper. The notes page I used for my to do's. But this week my last bed rest week, so it were not as many  to do's ad usual .
How was your last week?
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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Lists and where they are in my planner (Filofax)?

After many years of using Filofax, I know well that I tend not to check any lists that I have somewhere in the back of  my Filofax. Now I have them directly in front of my eyes, right next to today page. On the picture you could see that the today page ate on the left, and the to do list is on the right. I am a highly visual person, so it works for me. Also, for the archiving purpose, I put the date that I write lists, on the top of the page. It helps to track down the to do that wasn' t done the day I wrote.
WHERE do you put your lists? 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

To Decorate or Not To Decorate (a planner, filofax, Midori TN, ECLP, ect.)? That is the question!

In this post, we discuss the decoration in planners.

I sound like Shakespeare, aren't I?
Ive done my fair share of my decoration in planners.
I have videos on several of them. I'm guilty!
 This is my faux Hobonichi!

 This is my Midori Traveler's Notebook journal. I enjoy to decorate it! I think I have found my style to journal.
What do you think about planner decoration?
Do you decorate your Filofaxes, Midories, Hobonichies, etc.?
I'd love to follow you!

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

One Life One Planner (Filofax, Bullet Journal, ECLP, Midori TN, etc.)?

In this post we discuss if it make any sense to have one planner for one life.

As a Youtuber, I watch a lot of YouTube videos. I noticed that as the planneraddict' bag has bitten more and more people, people start to show A LOT of planners. I'm thinking "wow, that's a lot of planners to keep track of!" I feel that people just making an exuse to keep buying them. Or keep buying them and then thinking of reasons to use them because they DO have an expiraion date.

 I have always thought that of a lot of planners as a burden. I don't want to keep a lot of planners. I am highly visual person, so I have to keep them always in front of my eyes just to remember to use them. Out of sight is out of mind for me. And who has time to keep up with all of them? This was the reason to use a Filofax. I could use as much paper as I want for ANY aspects of my life, and combine them all into one place. I could take the current neccessary papers with me, and leave what I don't want at home. It was important to me to have a uniformed look of my ages, so I have the whole life in the uniformed archive.

Now I think I need to have a separate blog and YouTube channel. And I really need a spare place for my brainstorming, mind maps, and braindumps. I also would like to mainain a planner/tracker for my daughter's school performance and personal development. I wouldn't mind also to have a family memory binder just for history records.

I'm torned.

What about you? Do you have a separate planner for different sides of your life? How do you use them?

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

How my Planner (Filofax) Helps me to Keep my Anxieties Down

It's really easy.

  1. I use a brain dump section to literally dump on paper whatever is bothering me. I use paper all the time to do it. And I especially make an effort to do it at each evening to help me sleep more peacefully. 
  2. I preplan my day in the evening. I work full time, and also like to sleep as much as possible, so mornings are not the best time to plan for the day for me. Also, because I preplan my day in the evening, I sleep better, it serves the same purpose as the 1st option!
  3. I use a tracker in my planner for daily/weekly/monthly/yearly chores, for tracking my health issues, my sleep patterns. It helps me to see at a glance what I did wrong or right and repeat the right way of doing it. This way I know EXACTLY how to do it and don't have to think hard and worry if I have done something wrong, and how to track any issues that I had in the past
  4. Frequently I worry about my performance on goals that I have set to myself. I don't want to be a looser that have not accomplished anything. I write all my projects, brainstorm, and divide big projects into smallest steps, and schedule them into my everyday life, as well as check the DONE part. I especially enjoy to cross things off my to do list, I have almost physical enjoyment from crossing off to-do's! Often, if not always, I write my DONE tasks on the paper just to be proud of myself and motivate myself to do more!
Do you do it the same way? If not, how do you do it? 

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Do you periscope on planners?

In this post we, hopefully, will discover our plannerlover's periscopes!
I am afraid of it. Thant's why I have been periscoping under the blanket (@Mysummertouch).
Some people were able to find me and subscribe. Welcome!
If you periscope on planner related items and topics, I will be glad to follow you! Please comment below! I will subscribe!

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Best Planner Blog Posts that You have Missed (Filofax)

In this post I share the most useful blog posts that you have probaly missed!
Here is the post that I'm proud of, it shows how my reader downloaded and used my filofax inserts!

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Do We Need to Spend Money to Plan?

In this post we discuss on the need to spend money to plan.

What is the cost of planning?

This question puzzled me. Plannernerds usually spend a lot of money on planner supplies. Even I have a lot of planner suplies - washies, post-it's, pens, stickers, flags, inserts that have never been used, planners that have never been used. A lot of of this stuff was sent to me. I did spent a lot of money on different organizers. I do buy pens.

So how much do I spend on planning? In the very core, not much. I buy the paper to print my inserts. I have a printer that I hope will serve at least several years, and yes, unfortunately, I have to buy the ink. I have a Filofax that serves me for two years already and will serve me for several more years, if not decades. And really, that's all. I am a very practical planner. Open the organizer, write it down, and I'm done. Oh, I forgot a pen. Anybody has a pen that is laying around.

So what is a real price for planning? For me it's a Filofax, printer, ink, paper, and a pen.
But that's because I have chosen to print my own inserts. I like them.
If you count the total that I have spent, and divide the cost over YEARS that I use them, the cost per day of using it is not that high.
So in a total run, anyone could use just the basic tools that they already have in their house: a spare notebook and a pen.

Several people have writen to me that they cannot afford to plan. What they don't realize is that planning is not about the tools, it's about the way how to plan. Well, that's a whole another topic, and I have made this blog and a YouTube channel on this topic. I write blog posts and make videos on my planner setup so people will learn how to do it.

What about you? Do you spend a lot of money to plan?

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Sunday, January 3, 2016

How to Future Plan in your Planner (Filofax)?

In this blogpost, we discuss how to plan for the future in your planner (filofax).

We are in the beginning of a new year. Chances are, you need to plan something in the future for this year. Many people want to carry the whole year of inserts. For many it doesn't work, because the paper is too heavy!

So how to solve this problem?

If you don't need to write a lot on those future pages,  i.e., just appointments, then 12 monthly pages for the whole year will be enough for your future pages. I like also to carry an extra page that has FOUR years on a page, it's from filofax, but that's me. You might find that 4 future years is too much of preplanning for you.

If you need to actually write a lot, i.e., a project with a lot of to do's, that are spread over weeks and months, and those tasks include at least several sentences, you have two options:

Option number one:
Use lined pages for each period of time that you need to plan for, i.e., one page for a month. Write dates in column on the left side of the page, skipping several lines between dates, for example, leave 3 lines for each day, and use the page to write your future to-do's on those lines.
You could use the same method for really detailed and elaborate projects, just use one sheet of paper for a week, or even one page for one day.
Put those pages in the appropriate place BEFORE your relevant to those deadline monthly pages. Another thing is to put them into your project divider in your filofax, but this may result in your forgetting about it all together. I DON'T recommend using additional sections in your filofax if you have deadlines in your projects!
This option works  well if you don't want to carry additional weight with you, which are weekly pages for the whole year.

Option number two:
If you still prefer to carry the whole year of inserts, use week on ONE page inserts, which takes less amount of space on rings in your filofax, and weights less. Write on those weekies what you need to preplan.Use additional blank pages if you need a lot of space to write on. Put them WITH those weeklies together.

I hope I helped you with your preplanning! What do you think about that? What do you use to preplan?

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Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Shiny Planner Cravings

Here I am. Plannerholic. Plannernerd. Planneraddict.

That's where I really regret that i don't live in US. I would just go to the Michael's, and buy it. Go to the shelf, and there it is. The "IT", that I want! I want it!!!! It's bright, and bring me happiness, because it's beautyful! I could hold it in my hands, sniff it, leaf through it, and put it into my card!
Oh, Lord! There is so much temptation to buy it!

Here it is, my new shiny obsession!
The picture is the property of

Yes, I have revealed my new obsession. I'm working on getting a new planner just like it. Pretty. Shiny. Happy. I already have made my new covers for it:

....BUT believe it or not,  I STILL WANT the "IT" Planner!
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