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Monday, September 30, 2013

my week 39/52 and a sneak peak into my new Filofax inserts!

This week we were sick together with my daughter,  that's why there are no videos and posts. 5he drawings that you see on the right side are done by my daughter.  I'm pro of them!  She has given them to me as a present, and I told her that they will be as a reminder in my planner, so I could see them every day.  
I forgot that I have a video on this week's decoration!  Here it is!

I'm actively working on my new inserts, and week on 2 pages is done!
This is a sneak peak into my new insert!  Look it upon my Instagtam! 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

My week {37/52]☆★♡♥ I'm loving A5 size more and more since switching to Calipso!!

Here's my week. Next week will be my birthday!!!

But anyway,  have I ever thought that after VERY long wanting and anticipating a PURPLE (that's important! My favorite color!) Malden, I'll love Calipso more???!!! Life is just full of surprises!
The main reason for that is rings! Calipso has smaller rings, hence,  less weight. And fit me, who is going everywhere by feet,  it IS important!  My shoulders are saying me thank you!

Another reason is that I really has took off almost all extra pages! The Calipso has the WO2P until the end of the year,  extra 10 or fewer pages for to-do's and tracking my routines.

The third readon is that  A5 Malden  has a soft cover. It looks good  stuffed.  Without a lot of inserts,  Malden loose shape and the crackels appears on the cover. I don't like it. Since I didn't want to carry stuffed A5 filofax, I moved!

I have not really switched off to an A5 completely because I haven't done my own inserts yet.  I carry my personal  Franklin Covey around and open it up for my contacts and monthly pages. Yes, I carry TWO binders! :)

The decoration video for this week is here:

Please, make comments,  or it doesn't make sense to make these videos! Subscribe also and like!
P.S. the pens' flags point on the important tasks on the pages!
P.P.S. I have bought another filofax on Friday! I couldn't resist! I won't tell you which one, you'll have to wait for an unboxing video! :)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

My week 36/52 and how I colorcode in my Filofax

Without color my filofax week looked too plain for my liking,  and I started to use flags to highlight certain things. Yes, I color code.
My color coding looks like this:
Yellow-my own things
Pink-my daughter
Blue-home tasks
Green-all related to money
Purple-everything else

6 colors is really enough for me. Also I use only 6 to be able to use fewer highlighters later, when I do a weekly review. I move my flags to another week and highlight these things just for archives.

Today I also added two fly leaves to add flags on them so I don't need to rewrite weekly things to do and appointments,  as I did in my personal  Malden ( I have a video on YouTube where I explain how it works)

I also published a new YouTube video about decoration my week on 2 pages. YThe video is on my personal filofax which I don't use right now (as you can see).  Look it up!

I am also preparing 2 posts to publish for the filofax project, which now called This bug's life filofax project.  I will post them here as well! Subscribe! :)
I am working on my own inserts! I am excited about it! Week on two pages is almost done! I can't wait to use it!
I post pictures on my Instagram account almost every day. Check it out!
How your week has been? Anything new to share? 
P.S. I REALLY miss my black MALDEN!!!!!! Can't wait for another one to come to me!!! I called today to the post office twice to check out if it arrived, but it's not yet! :(

Sunday, September 1, 2013

My week 35/52, farewell to my black Malden, and a NEW A5 purple Malden, and another one!

I sold my black personal Malden! Yes, I know, I shouldn't have, but before you start to call me names,  I bought another one! I hope it is coming.  And so far it is the most expensive one in my collection!  And I'm not going to say which it is going to be,  you should wait for the unboxing video!  Speaking  of videos,  I made another one on decoration
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P.S. I'm going to participate in the Filofax Project! It has it's own Facebook page! I am excited and scared! I am working on my inserts already! More posts to come about it and about my new set up of my A5 purple Malden of course!
Are you going to follow the Filofax project?  Are you interested to see what I will come up with?

Planner Art Decoration (Filofax) -week 35 (no washi tape and stickers!)

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