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Monday, June 29, 2015

How to Use a Planner regularly (Filofax)

 The most EVER useful trick that I learned in organizing space, was "have things where you need them". Even if you need them in unconventional places!

If the only one place,  where you use your planner is a toilet,  have your planner suplies there. No, I'm not going to confess that I use it there. (No, I don't want to hear your confessions that you use it there too! Yes, you could make a secret toilet planner society and invite me there).
Your planner supplies could be:
-an archive box to store your future and past planner pages, as well as blank pages,
-pens, highliters, pensils, stensils, stamps, incs,
-stickers, flags, tabs, dividers.
The best way to use them is to have them all in one tote or in one rollable cart.
I am guilty in not using an archive box regularly,  which results in loosing my past pages because I can't remember where I left them and then I'm lazy to collect them to have one proper year archive. I cannot stress enough this! Have your supplies where you need them!
In different times I used to use my planner in different rooms and places, it was my kitchen, my living room, my bedside table, my bag. And if you notice that the place where you use your planner has changed, change your planner supplies place accordingly!

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