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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Ringless Filofax-Does it Make Any Sense?

Most likely, you have already watched "ringless filofax" videos that people on YouTube are doing,  if not, check them out. I have seen also a number of photos on Instagram from people who are not making any videos. And on Facebook.
If you have not watched and seen anything, and don't have a clue what I'm writing about, there are people who are removing rings from Filofaxes. And making videos about it. Horror for Filofax lovers! Don't watch them if you have a weak heart! Most of them doing it on pocket Filofaxes, some on personals, and I have seen one without rings on an A5 with a Hobonichi Cousin insight.
In a pocket ringless Filofax Malden  would fit several field notes notebooks or two pocket Moleskines. If you have bought a Hobonichi Weeks, then it would fit also! I have almost forgot that I have it! Now I use a passport size Midori Traveler's Notebook,  and I fit there a pocket Moleskin replika notebook, a Hobonichi Weeks, and a field notes size Notebook that I made myself and are proud of it because it's beautyful and have not only a cover, but also a plastic cover on hard cover, so it's not wearing out quickly!  You could see it on the photo below:

All of what I have in my Midori could also fit in a ringless Malden. Which I have. In a delicious Crimson color. And I admit, I'm tempted to remove the rings.
The first thing that people are considering are: what would I do if I don't like it? The ringless filofax will lose it's value, and I'm going to be stuck with it. Well,  who said that it's going to loose it's value?  Maybe it's going to gain it's value because people are afraid removing rings by themselves?  What do you think?
And, finally,  would I do it?....drum roll,  please.... no! At least not in 2015. It's because I have a full 2015 calendar in my pocket filofax already and I don't want to print it again! And the second reason is that I couldn't find a passport dated inserts in a notebook format for printing. Have you seen them anywhere on the web? What do you think about ringless filifaxes? Would you buy one? Would you use one?

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