Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A request to Filofax company to make a modern sophisticated Filofax with 30 mm rings

Did you know tjat there is NO mosern filofaxes with 30 mm rinfs that are not zipped?! I'm amazed!
There are only Guilford and Cuban with the ripped on the spine. They look like a brick.
And there are also Cavendish and sime others that are 20 years or so old and as Alan Marshall write to me on Philofaxy Facebook page, "good luck finding them" because even IF you find them on ebsy, they would cost a fortune!

I love my Malden, but even stuffed to a full capacity, it can't hold everything that I need!  And I even admit that I have  a perfect Franlin Covey binder with lerfect 30 mm rings, but it's not... a filofax! Not as sophistixated as Malden!

So I decided to send a request to Filofax cimpany to MAKE a sophisticated modern filifax with 30 mm rings in different colors for men and women.  I need your support on that! Please leave a comment below about what is your dream filodax would look like!

I want a leather like Malden, an outside zipped pocket on the back cover for a change and two pen loops with elastic.  What about you?


  1. I agree. I recently bought a second-hand Cavendish, and... let's just say that I could buy a new one for the same money - there are few non-zip models and they're hard to find. A 30mm binder in personal size is maybe too bulky to be carried around every time, but for office use, where one needs day per page calendars... it means a lot.

    30mm personal in nice colours - purple ;) - would be nice (I had to satisfy with a black one).

  2. There's one for sale on Adspot at the moment.

    Why would a none zip 30 mm ring organiser be any less brick like compared to a zip one with the same size rings? I don't get your argument, fill both up they are going to be roughly the same size and weight.

    I quite like my Cuban Zip, keeps things safe and secure. I recently bought a Holborn Zip personal to complement my A5 Holborn Zip which is a boon when I'm travelling.

  3. You could put in a wanted ad on adspot. It took a while but I finally got mine that way :) Give it a try, you never know


  4. I would like any personal planner with 30mm rings. The only requirements i have are that it has to be available in another color than black, brown, grey or red. How about one of the bright saffiano or calipso colors?! And zip or no zip, i don't mind. But an outside pocket to stuff loose papers in on the go, perhaps your bus pass or train ticket. Two elastic pen loops, lots of pockets and no zips on inside pockets, maybe on the outside one. Preferably real leather as these feel/look better and can handle more usage. So, a malden/calipso in bright colors with the cuban 30mm rings and outer pocket would be good!


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