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Friday, May 22, 2015

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What is coming up to me next????

Well, behold everybody!  It's coming! A new planner/ organizer/journal!  And it's not  Midori Traveler's Notebook or Filofax! But it has fine Italian leather and a lot if pockets and at least elastic on it! I'm not going to spoil the secret, you're going to watch it hopefully soon!!! Subcribe to my blog and YouTube channel MySummerTouch to see updates! The links are below!
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Thursday, May 21, 2015

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No passport size dated inserts for Midori Traveler's Notebook??!!!

Since the fatal crush ( of my Midories, I decided to try out the PROPER setup of both Midori and Filofax together.  I have the Filofax inserts, week on two pages, which came with my two new Filofaxes, Holborn in pocket size (, and Lockwood in personal size ( I have printed the month on two pages for my pocket filifax, and will do tge same for the personal size also. I have tried to find out the DATED month on two pages for my Midori,  and I had no luck with it!
Nobody is making them for free on the Internet!  Nobody from the whole world!  I'm shoked! Including the two respected gurus, Steve and Ray! Help please!
My thought was that I could print the filofax one in a booklet format,  do you know if it's possible?

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

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Fatal crush with my Midori Traveler's Notebooks!!

 I have lost my Midories! A regular size and a passport size!  Both!!! That's what I thought when I saw the inside of my bag with MILK in it! (I haven't had even a small thought about my passport or cash, my first thought was about my Midories!)
I don't even going to post pictures of my damaged TWO Midories,  because it's PAINFUL for me.  Actually,  only the inside, the paper got damaged, the covers are already dried out and well. There is no damage for them! I'm glad that the quality of leather  is great! First, one of the covers, the brown personal size, went a little wavy,  but after drying, it went back into it's shape.
But still, I was so annoyed and disgust by this incident, that I thought about moving into a filofax. Permanently.  And I still think about it. And try it. I mean,  I have even took out my personal size Maldens, in Aqua and Ochre colors,  and moved every insert that I wanted there.  I do miss my filofaxes! I miss them so much, that I hold them every evening in my hands! I'm nuts! ;)
And there is another alternative, my pocket size filofaxes, Holborn in brown color, and Malden in Crimson.  They are lighter. And have a lot of pockets. I'm tempted. What would you choose?

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Monday, May 11, 2015

What is your planner story (Filofax, Midori Traveler's Notebook etc.)?

Everybody use her's planner differently.  Have you even thought about what is the main purpose to have a planner?

1.To show your status ( then you must have a planner that clearly shows it!)?
2. To follow a trend to use paper planners (filofax, midori, kikki k, erin condren life planner etc.)?
3. To organize your appointments?
4. To have a clear head free of all those annoying "don't forget to do's" (Then you must be an expert in brain dumping).
5. To schedule your goals?
6.  To have a written record of your life?
7. To prove yourself that you have actually have things done, and time goes where it suppose to go?

Initially, when I started to use my filofax heavily in 2012, I used my planner for the written record of my life. Now, when I have my planner archives for these years, I think that these pages DOES represent my life, but just partially,  in part where I thought what was important to me. They did help me to analyse my life and to understand where my time went, and were the tasks on which I have spent my time worth spending it, and, as a result,  I did raised my productivity level higher up.
But it is just part that has to do with my tasks and projects. There are other parts of my life that I want to have a record of. My thoughts, my feelings, where do I want my life to go. It has to do with my journal. I think that is why I moved to using a journal regularly. That's why I have created #wannajournalmay ( ) challenge. And a goal setting system. But that's another story.
So what was your planner story? What do you use it for now? What did you use it for in the beginning of your planner history? Where did it led you to?
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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

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Testing out a Passport Size Midori Traveler's Notebook for Planning and Journaling!

Summer is coming! (Sorry, couldn't help it, Game of Trones fans!;)
And as it is coming, there is a need for something lighter in my handbag than a regular size Midori! Luckily, I do have a passport size Midori, and could try it out if it would work in real life! I plan to go half Earth from here to my mom's place,  and yes, I will bring my regular size Midori,  just because I don't want to part with it, but  I can't just leave the chance for  my small Midori to work a little bit after almost a year after buying it and not using! Another excuse to use it  for me is to try out this size for planning and journaling.  I have never journaled in such small sizes. Oh, no, I forgot my pocket filofax!

It was in October of last year, so I don't even remember it! I didn't feel any limitations in this size, just the rings got on the way of writing.  I write small, space is not an issue in journaling for me.
However,  in planning,  it might be!  I am used to MY way of planning with ability to see the whole month on two pages and tracking month page at a glance!  So, we will see!
Anyway,  I will transfer my planning from the small to the regular size because I like to have everything in one place. And journaling on the go. I will make my usual journaling,  when I am home, in the bigger Midori.
How do you plan to use your planner in the summer?
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Monday, May 4, 2015

Midori TN Heaven-Where I bought all my Traveler's Notebooks!

I have recently went through my pictures from my last year's trip to China, and I have realized that I have never posted pictures from a boutique where I bought my four Midories!  Here are the photos from this Heaven on Earth:

I am a proud owner of four of those Midories that are pictured on the above photos,  as I said:
I bought there a passport size black one, two in a regular size:a brown and a black, and one in an A5 size,  which is not a real Midori TN, obviously,  but it IS for me! I have wanted to try the A5 size just for fun, and it turned out to be a very useful purchase because I am able to fit there all of my regular size  inserts without overhang!

Anyway, I am using all of them, switching them often!  I am also making my own Midories,  but about it later! What about you? Have you been to a planner Heaven lately?
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