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Thursday, May 8, 2014

What do I Want from my Planner (Filofax)?

  1. To see everything I need to do today/this week/this month  at a glance with hour slots
  2. to have slots for my monthly, weekly, and daily goals
  3. possibility to track achievement of my monthly,  weekly,  daily goals at a glance
  4. projects with relevant to each  project  tasks, as well as  routine tasks built into my daily routine should be visible at a glance
  5. each project, task, routine task should be placed into the right category that I have assigned it to
  6. each category should be color coded with the colors that I chose
  7. color coding should be happening by itself,  without switching gazillions of pens!
  8. to quickly find what I need
  9. possibility NOT to rewrite my tasks from my monthly to my weekly to my daily pages
  10. to have enough space to put it into personal size filofax sheets
  11. to have enough space for each day
  12. to have the same space for my Saturdays and Sundays as for the rest of the week
  13. to pay my morgage for me-well, I'm kidding with this one!
  14. to have my daily routine built into my daily schedule, without having an extra page for it, and without my rewriting it every day!
  15. Even with everything above, still have 11 exta pages with space equal to a daily page!
  16. To be able to write an appointment or a to-do on any place on my daily page and AFTER that schedule it on any hour slot without rewriting it!

               Does this planner sounds like something that is too fantastic, something, that couldn't be made?  Well, I have created that kind of planner! I'm putting this announcement so I won't rest too much, like a motivation to continue to make it. I have created June pages for the personal size filofax pages to print on A4 pages. Letter size printing is next!

                Would you like to have that kind of a planner? What else would you want from your planner/filofax?
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