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Sunday, May 11, 2014

The hardest thing to do with filofax

What to you find to be the most difficult to do with your filofax?
I often find myself not opening it when I got home. Oh, I have so much to do-home chores (cooking from scratch that is ACTUALLY slow cooking, cleaning sometimes), my daughter's homework (we prepare for entering the 1st grade at school), plus my tiredness after full time job, and late time when we come home (after 7 pm with something), plus my daughter has to go sleep at 9 pm, and usually don't,  it  all eat up my energy and even IF I open my filofax, I often just don't have energy for something EXTRA to do. Often I just DON'T remember to open up my filofax.
I'm not complaining.  I am grateful for my life. And I think I have a pretty much usual full time  working mom life style.

What do you do in these cases? Do you open your filofax anyway?

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