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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Easy Planner Set Up for a Child

My daughter is 6 years old now.  I bought her a cute small weekly planner:
I was unsure of if I want her to use a planner before, but now I am glad that I boight it, because:
1. She learned every week day very quickly because they are pre-printed for her
2. She has learned counting beyond 20 quicker because she has written the dates all by herself,  with my little guidance.

3. She has learned quickly her different daily schedule - every day after a kindergarden she has some kind of a  lesson - dance,  art, sport. Every day we go somewhere,   except Saturdays. I taught her to write on a flag what kind of a lesson she has, the weekday, the start  time and end time. For 6 days, except Saturday, she has a flag. When the day is over, she moves the flag to the next week on the same day.

4. After each day is over, she also writes what  was the most impressive/memorable that day. It encourage her to write more and read. This little journalling is her most favorable feature in her planner.   It also teaches her to write grammatically correct, because she shows me what she's written,  and I correct it.
5. She crosses each day at the end of the day, this way she knows what day she is now into.

6 She also knows what month it is now because they are also pre-printed. And she will learn quickly what the order of each month is because she likes to flip planner's pages.

What do you think of it?  Would you teach your child how to use a planner?
P.S  She has asked for her own Filofax. I am thinking of it!

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