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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Fatal crush with my Midori Traveler's Notebooks!!

 I have lost my Midories! A regular size and a passport size!  Both!!! That's what I thought when I saw the inside of my bag with MILK in it! (I haven't had even a small thought about my passport or cash, my first thought was about my Midories!)
I don't even going to post pictures of my damaged TWO Midories,  because it's PAINFUL for me.  Actually,  only the inside, the paper got damaged, the covers are already dried out and well. There is no damage for them! I'm glad that the quality of leather  is great! First, one of the covers, the brown personal size, went a little wavy,  but after drying, it went back into it's shape.
But still, I was so annoyed and disgust by this incident, that I thought about moving into a filofax. Permanently.  And I still think about it. And try it. I mean,  I have even took out my personal size Maldens, in Aqua and Ochre colors,  and moved every insert that I wanted there.  I do miss my filofaxes! I miss them so much, that I hold them every evening in my hands! I'm nuts! ;)
And there is another alternative, my pocket size filofaxes, Holborn in brown color, and Malden in Crimson.  They are lighter. And have a lot of pockets. I'm tempted. What would you choose?

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