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Monday, May 11, 2015

What is your planner story (Filofax, Midori Traveler's Notebook etc.)?

Everybody use her's planner differently.  Have you even thought about what is the main purpose to have a planner?

1.To show your status ( then you must have a planner that clearly shows it!)?
2. To follow a trend to use paper planners (filofax, midori, kikki k, erin condren life planner etc.)?
3. To organize your appointments?
4. To have a clear head free of all those annoying "don't forget to do's" (Then you must be an expert in brain dumping).
5. To schedule your goals?
6.  To have a written record of your life?
7. To prove yourself that you have actually have things done, and time goes where it suppose to go?

Initially, when I started to use my filofax heavily in 2012, I used my planner for the written record of my life. Now, when I have my planner archives for these years, I think that these pages DOES represent my life, but just partially,  in part where I thought what was important to me. They did help me to analyse my life and to understand where my time went, and were the tasks on which I have spent my time worth spending it, and, as a result,  I did raised my productivity level higher up.
But it is just part that has to do with my tasks and projects. There are other parts of my life that I want to have a record of. My thoughts, my feelings, where do I want my life to go. It has to do with my journal. I think that is why I moved to using a journal regularly. That's why I have created #wannajournalmay ( ) challenge. And a goal setting system. But that's another story.
So what was your planner story? What do you use it for now? What did you use it for in the beginning of your planner history? Where did it led you to?
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