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Thursday, June 11, 2015

How a Plannerneard goes to a Vacation.

If you follow me on my blog, and check out my photos that I post almost every day, you have noticed that I have posted very different photos lately. That's because I am on vacation.  And you should have seen me packing!
I am a plannerneard (like you don't know that already (don't you?). I live and breathe planners. I can't live without them. I sleep with them. I journal in them. I have all kinds of them. Every size and color... well..  not every color... but almost. ..

So what have I chosen to go with me? Well, first I have decided that I take just a passport size Midori with new notebooks and Hobonichi Weeks with me. It doesn't weight a lot, and portable. I could journal on the go, which I did right on the board of the plane. 

Then, I thought, what if... only if.. this is not going to work out, and I will absolutely need more space?
And I took my standard size Midori Traveler's Notebook. Without notebooks.  Because it's very easy for me to make them.  I just need to buy an A5 graphed notebook and cut it to the size!
Then I remembered that I have even a bigger Midori. An A5 size. It's not a real Midori, because a Midori doesn't have this size,  but it's just the same, only wider! And I love it! And it's even more space than a standard size!
Then I decided that I couldn't do without a Filofax. It must be a pocket Filofax. Because it's pretty.  It's Crimson. And Malden. And it's small and portable!  Oh, I can't do without it!
And I took it with me.
My heart was almost content. And then I thought about my aqua. Malden. How could I leave it behind? What if I suddenly have an urge to use it? It would be a catastrophe!
And what do you think?  Have I left it at home?  Of course,  not!
Well, to my defend, I am actually using it right now. With another ring binder. Not a filofax, but a personal size too. I'm not going to post a picture of it here. Search it on my blog!
P.S. Do you think that I am content now??? 
I actually think that I'm nuts that I left my pocket Holborn Filofax and my A5 purple Malden and personal ochre Malden!
P.P.S. It's not easy to be a plannernerd!

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