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Monday, June 15, 2015

My Ideal Filofax

I have already made a video about how I invision my ideal binder. You could watch it here
But it was pretty long time ago. I'd like to dream about it now. Could I?
My ideal binder would be black. I like all things that look professional and business-like. Leather.  Two outside pockets, one for coins,  and one for cash. They need to be on the back of the outside cover, so the front cover would look clean and stylish.

The binder would have a back full lenght pocket, just like a pocket Malden has, so I could slip there a larger size paper without folding it. Yes, it means that the two outside coins and cash pockets would sit on the outside full lenght pocket. I don't know how it could be done in reality. But it should.
The strap will be exactly like a Malden's. Long and accomodating. In case you haven't seen a Malden Filofax yet, here is my review:
Two pen loops, on both sides of the cover, leather on the outside of tge loop, elastic on the inside to accomodate different kinds of pens. Pen loops need to be placed on the upper third part of the cover, not in the middle, to hold pens better.

Also the size of the paper of a personal size Filofax is weird to me. I have never written about it before, but now you know my biggest dirty secret. I'm not ok with filofax paper sizes. A5 is the right size, a6 is the right size, Franklin Covey Compact size is also the right size (wider than a personal size Filofax for 1 cm or 0.5 inch).
 A6 is ideal because it wouldn't let me cut and throw away the paper. I could cut an A4 sheet in four parts, and use up the whole sheet of paper,  and not throw away the rest of the paper.

But I continue. The inside of the left side of the cover will have 10 horizontal pockets for business cards or credit cards (my Franklin Covey Compact binder has them on the right inside cover. So much room for business cards without buying the extra special inserts!).

 Then, after the business cards slots, two vertical pockets, one after another. The first one will be a secretarial pocket to slip a bigger size paper, and the second one is a regular pocket, so I could slip a Midori passport size notebook inside.
The right side inside cover will have exactly the same pockets as a Malden. I love them as they are.

And, finally,  rings. Rings are REMOVABLE. Yes, as in my review of a Filofax Folio here
They have to be on a separate plastic sheet and be 30 mm. So I could remove them and insert smaller rings (23 mm). And the smallest too (19mm). It make the binder rather wide to physically accomodate the biggest rings. And I need it even wider in case I need to put a regular size Midori notebook if I need it!
And the ideal size of it would be... personal, A6, or a Midori regular size (21cm x 11cm)? Rather, the last one! I like the A5 narrow size! Then I could use Midori notebooks together with a Fofax! A Frankenstein Filofax!
How do you like this idea?
Do you know a company that would make it? Gillio? VDS?
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