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Sunday, September 8, 2013

My week 36/52 and how I colorcode in my Filofax

Without color my filofax week looked too plain for my liking,  and I started to use flags to highlight certain things. Yes, I color code.
My color coding looks like this:
Yellow-my own things
Pink-my daughter
Blue-home tasks
Green-all related to money
Purple-everything else

6 colors is really enough for me. Also I use only 6 to be able to use fewer highlighters later, when I do a weekly review. I move my flags to another week and highlight these things just for archives.

Today I also added two fly leaves to add flags on them so I don't need to rewrite weekly things to do and appointments,  as I did in my personal  Malden ( I have a video on YouTube where I explain how it works)

I also published a new YouTube video about decoration my week on 2 pages. YThe video is on my personal filofax which I don't use right now (as you can see).  Look it up!

I am also preparing 2 posts to publish for the filofax project, which now called This bug's life filofax project.  I will post them here as well! Subscribe! :)
I am working on my own inserts! I am excited about it! Week on two pages is almost done! I can't wait to use it!
I post pictures on my Instagram account almost every day. Check it out!
How your week has been? Anything new to share? 
P.S. I REALLY miss my black MALDEN!!!!!! Can't wait for another one to come to me!!! I called today to the post office twice to check out if it arrived, but it's not yet! :(
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