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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

How Robert De Niro uses a Filofax

In this post we will know, finally, how Robert DeNiro uses a Filofax.
Here is Mr. De Niro at his work table, thinking what to do.
De Niro at his table 

And here is his briefcase with his Filofax.

Filofax looks like it was well used/loved, in a lovely red color, but, unfortunately, with lack of paper inside. It might be Cavendish.
Of course,  that's not a real work that Mr.De Niro work for (or is, he works as an actor, right?). These are scenes from his new movie "Intern", that was recently released. The main character also plays another major star Anne Hathaway. I enjoyed the movie a lot. What about you? Have you seen it?
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