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Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Shiny Planner Cravings

Here I am. Plannerholic. Plannernerd. Planneraddict.

That's where I really regret that i don't live in US. I would just go to the Michael's, and buy it. Go to the shelf, and there it is. The "IT", that I want! I want it!!!! It's bright, and bring me happiness, because it's beautyful! I could hold it in my hands, sniff it, leaf through it, and put it into my card!
Oh, Lord! There is so much temptation to buy it!

Here it is, my new shiny obsession!
The picture is the property of

Yes, I have revealed my new obsession. I'm working on getting a new planner just like it. Pretty. Shiny. Happy. I already have made my new covers for it:

....BUT believe it or not,  I STILL WANT the "IT" Planner!
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