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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Do We Need to Spend Money to Plan?

In this post we discuss on the need to spend money to plan.

What is the cost of planning?

This question puzzled me. Plannernerds usually spend a lot of money on planner supplies. Even I have a lot of planner suplies - washies, post-it's, pens, stickers, flags, inserts that have never been used, planners that have never been used. A lot of of this stuff was sent to me. I did spent a lot of money on different organizers. I do buy pens.

So how much do I spend on planning? In the very core, not much. I buy the paper to print my inserts. I have a printer that I hope will serve at least several years, and yes, unfortunately, I have to buy the ink. I have a Filofax that serves me for two years already and will serve me for several more years, if not decades. And really, that's all. I am a very practical planner. Open the organizer, write it down, and I'm done. Oh, I forgot a pen. Anybody has a pen that is laying around.

So what is a real price for planning? For me it's a Filofax, printer, ink, paper, and a pen.
But that's because I have chosen to print my own inserts. I like them.
If you count the total that I have spent, and divide the cost over YEARS that I use them, the cost per day of using it is not that high.
So in a total run, anyone could use just the basic tools that they already have in their house: a spare notebook and a pen.

Several people have writen to me that they cannot afford to plan. What they don't realize is that planning is not about the tools, it's about the way how to plan. Well, that's a whole another topic, and I have made this blog and a YouTube channel on this topic. I write blog posts and make videos on my planner setup so people will learn how to do it.

What about you? Do you spend a lot of money to plan?

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