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Sunday, January 3, 2016

How to Future Plan in your Planner (Filofax)?

In this blogpost, we discuss how to plan for the future in your planner (filofax).

We are in the beginning of a new year. Chances are, you need to plan something in the future for this year. Many people want to carry the whole year of inserts. For many it doesn't work, because the paper is too heavy!

So how to solve this problem?

If you don't need to write a lot on those future pages,  i.e., just appointments, then 12 monthly pages for the whole year will be enough for your future pages. I like also to carry an extra page that has FOUR years on a page, it's from filofax, but that's me. You might find that 4 future years is too much of preplanning for you.

If you need to actually write a lot, i.e., a project with a lot of to do's, that are spread over weeks and months, and those tasks include at least several sentences, you have two options:

Option number one:
Use lined pages for each period of time that you need to plan for, i.e., one page for a month. Write dates in column on the left side of the page, skipping several lines between dates, for example, leave 3 lines for each day, and use the page to write your future to-do's on those lines.
You could use the same method for really detailed and elaborate projects, just use one sheet of paper for a week, or even one page for one day.
Put those pages in the appropriate place BEFORE your relevant to those deadline monthly pages. Another thing is to put them into your project divider in your filofax, but this may result in your forgetting about it all together. I DON'T recommend using additional sections in your filofax if you have deadlines in your projects!
This option works  well if you don't want to carry additional weight with you, which are weekly pages for the whole year.

Option number two:
If you still prefer to carry the whole year of inserts, use week on ONE page inserts, which takes less amount of space on rings in your filofax, and weights less. Write on those weekies what you need to preplan.Use additional blank pages if you need a lot of space to write on. Put them WITH those weeklies together.

I hope I helped you with your preplanning! What do you think about that? What do you use to preplan?

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