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Sunday, August 25, 2013

My week 35 - Back to my personal Malden?

No decoration video this week, but i have filmed 4 of them yesterday, so wait to watch them!!
I have moved form a pocket Malden to a personal one. Not because it didn't work for me but because I felt so sorry for my personal one, that I couldn't bear for it to be without a job! i also moved all my money there and didn't like it, because the pocket in the Malden is on the inside, and the zipper is in the middle of the inside cover - not really helpful to get coins from it! I'd really like to have a pocket on the outside cover! And a big full lenght pocket as a pocket Malden have to stick there my notes! This pocket is really handy! Maybe I should get a Gillio? What do you think?

This week I have received an  A5 PURPLE Malden ( a YouTube video)  and I  have sold my Malden in black. Yes, you've seen it right, I sold it!!! Damn it! I will really miss it! BUT I bought a purple personal Malden, I hope it will be here soon. And I think I will move up to a size -to an A5 size !! I am so ready for that!
How your week was? Anything new?

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