Friday, December 4, 2015

New Filofax Inserts for 2016?

In this post I write about my new exiting Filofax inserts for 2016!
Hello my Filofax lovers!
I have been thinking A LOT about my planner piece and what kind of planner I want for 2016. I have to admit that I MADE finally my own calendar that I have been talking about since 2013 (yes, for so long!), and I'm testing it, but it's development takes a lot of time, and I need my new inserts NOW to plan 2016 year!
What could a PLANNERNERD that have tried everything want? Of course, her own customizable inserts! I have found the perfect solution! 
Photo belongs to sells planners and refills (and soon pdf's) in different sizes. As  a Filofax lover, I'm interested, of course, in Filofax inserts, so check them out here: They offer Filofax A5, Franklin Monarch and Classic, and Day Timer Folio and Desk sizes. This is the downsize - no personal size yet. And I write "yet" because they do TAKE suggestions from plannerlovers, and do consider what kind of products to offer! Yay! That's not a big deal for me now because I want to move to my Filofax A5 Calipso in hot pink for on the go planner and Filofax A5 Malden in purple for home storage binder!
But back to the main feature - customization: I was BLOWN AWAY with their different layouts and features (, You could log in and play with them as much as you want! They have a feature that I haven't seen ANYWHERE before, they call it spanglets, I will tell you all about it on my video review when I get the inserts! Shortly, you could customize the layouts of weekly and monthly, colors, fonts, put the events YOU want to put (as birthsdays and anniversaries of YOUR family) (!!!), activities (which are routines that you choose to put there yourself with YOUR frequency - monthly, daily, weekly), you could coose national holidays of YOUR country, religious holidays of YOUR religion, and choose accessories as pagemarkers and detachable corners. Isn't that great??? Can't wait to receive them! I'll put a video on my YOUTUBE channel MySummerTouch, so please subscribe to watch updates:
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