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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Most used planner in 2015? (Filofax, Midori TN, Hobonichi, Bullet Journal)

It this post I discuss which planner I used more in 2015!

I just realized that I don't know which planner is my winner in terms of usability in 2015! I need to check it out!
(I have returned) i have made a tremendous effort to remember what I have used, month by month, in this year!
I checked:
my YouTube channel,
my Instagram account (which is more accurate on it) ,
and my blogposts on this!
Thanks God I have them, or I wouldn't remember anything! Do you know how hard it is to collect all planners archives for the whole year???

So, my 2015 looks like this:

I started the year strong in my pocket Crimson Filofax! I have the phooto on my IG with it on the New Year Tree!
Oh, and I remember my faux Hobonichi then! I used a Moleskine to have a day on one page while I decided if I want to order a Hobonichi!

I used my standard Midori for my planning and journalling! Love those photos!


Then all of my Hobonichies arrived! I was happy!
It was brief. I didn't like the pressure of daily pages!

And I decorated my Cousin briefly:
Also my new pocket size Holborn arrived!

I used my Midories, and I got into the art journaling, and I use what for this? Midori!

I tried a passport size Midori, very small and portable!
And then I made a video how I used it all together:

ahhhh....Didn't happen much, probably, it was...Standart Midori!

I went to a vacation for the whole month, and I really missed my Filofaxes, and I used my aqua Malden in personal size!
Here is a funny blog post what I took to the vacation with me:

I did a onebookjuly challenge:

 And then... Then my smarphone crused! And I didn't took any pictures!
So probably it was
Midories in both sizes! I started to make my own printables for them! I love it!

I took my Moleskine that I use in January-February, and started a bullet journal! Yeas, I'm yet to make pictures of it! But it did helped me tremendously, as my brain dump! I loved the A5 so much that I decided to move into my purple  A5 Malden!

And then I saw a review of the Happy Planner on youtube! Oh my! I just felt in love! I remembered that I have the discs and the Levenger punch, and I immediately wanted the same planner for me! I decided that I'm going to buy scrapbooking paper and make my own! It's going to happen! I do think that a Letter size and A4 size planners have their plases in this world!
And now I use....personal size Ochre Maden! I make my own inserts on etsy here Please check it out!

So, the winner is....Midori Trave;er's Notebook in Standard size!!!!

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