Saturday, December 19, 2015

My Planneraddict' Solution for 2016 Filofax Planner Pages!

Here is my planneraddict' solution what to have in my Filofax in 2016!

I learnt that I don't do well with dated pages - I hop around in my planners a lot, so it's such a wasted money for me! I have tons of 2014, 2015 planners that lay around, and they are pretty, and I don't want to trash them because they cost a lot of  money, if you take international shipping into consideration.
@MySummerTouch Week on One Page

There are several solutions to have planner inserts for a new year:
1. to white out dates on the previous planner pages and reuse them,
2. to print your own,
3. to buy ready made planner.

Option 3 is out for me. I decided that I'm not going to spend more money UNLESS it's is an obsession. I have a crush on the happy planner right now, and I want to buy it, but Filofax pages - I have tried them before, and it's not an obsession anymore, and I don't have to buy them right now.

Here comes the quick and easy solution to reuse these pages and to save a little bit - reuse these pages, if I'm lazy to print something, just to white out the dates. I know that I'll do it, especially if I want a Day on one Page (Do1P), it's so much easier than to print my own everyday pages, and I like Filofax day on 1 page inserts, they make more logical sence for me than Franklyn Covey day on two pages (Do2P), where the column with hours is on the right side (in the Filofax day on one page the hours are on the far left side). My rule is that I treat my tasks as my scheduled events - I schedule them to estimate how much time I need to have them done, and I don't mix them with my appointments. So, the left column is my scheduled events and appointments, and the right column is my tasks, and on the far left there are hours to glance over both columns. It make more sence to me than to have the hours in the center of the page. So the 1st option is in for me.

The 2nd option is my main option.
I make my own inserts, for now for the personal size Filofax I made Week on one Page vertical, and Week on 4 Pages vertical. I plan to make more. And I know that eventually I will be bored with them, and I'll want to switch them! So how to manage it all and not to be overwhelmed? What to have in my Filofax for 2016 as a planneradddict? In other words, HOW TO HAVE IT ALL?

I decided to print dated monthlies Mo2P and weeklies Wo1P from philofaxy for now. Week on one page just to have something dated and because they are thinner than other inserts (as, i.e., W02P) and take less space in my Filofax.

These pages are my insurance to HAVE a place to write on in the future in case I'm too lazy to print my own. I don't love them for the esthetical reasons (I'm not in love with the font! - here is my planneraddict' side singing!), and going to throw them away after they are used.
@MySummerTouch Week on 4 Pages 
@MySummerTouch Week on 4 Pages

 I'm just going to use my own undated pages AND dated pages that I'll print just for small period of time. I know that I will be bored with just ONE type of insert and I know that I'm going to have time when I WILL be overwhelmed with a lot of to do's and won't open my filofax, and WILL switch the inserts to something else. It comes from my Filofax experience since 2012, when I started to use Filofax organizer. So, this is it!  I just MAKE IT WORK like that!

What is YOUR solution for 2016? Do you plan to have just ONE type of planner insert for the whole year (seriously? I admire you for your courage!), or you have another solution, knowing your planneraddict side of yourself? Is there something else that I haven't took into account??? I want to know your way of doing it!

P.S. I plan to make videos to describe how to make work different type of inserts on my YouTube chanel MySummerTouch, so, if you're interested, please subscribe to see updates:
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