Tuesday, April 28, 2015


(All things I always wanted to journal about and never had time for)

I wanted to create something like that for a long time!  I have collected so many journaling prompts and have never take time to actually write them!  So, I'm taking care now! It doesn't have to take a lot of time,  my focus is on WRITING them, not on perfection.
The RULES are:
Write 1prompt a day
You could take 5-20 minutes, not more.
I made sure that the prompts have meaning!
1.If I could not fail, I would. ..
2.What excited me when I was a child.
3.What I have now (material things).
4. What I have now ( non material things)
5.What I don't have now and want to have.
6.People that I admire.
7. What is important to me now.
8. If I was an artist,  what I would draw.
9.To what things I became attached to?
10.Animals I have seen live.
11. What was the most memorable experience in my life?
12. The most important goal that I have right now.
13. What kind of the obstacle I face to my most desirable goal right now?
14. If a fairly godmother could make all your dreams come true, what would you ask her to do?
15.What would you do if you had all the time in the world?
16. List 20 things how you could earn money rig ht now.
17.What worries me now?
18. List three most important things to do the next year.
19. What questions you have for people you admire?
20. What is the success for you?
21. How to become more productive?
22.  What do I want to do in 20 years?
23. In which countries have you been?
24. Where would you go if you had unlimited access to money?
25. What do you live for?
26. How creative are you?
27. What is your personal brand, in your opinion?
28. Who do you wanted to be when you were a child?
29. What is your successful day's scenario?
30.What will you teach your children?
31. What  brought you the most emotions today?

I will use #wannajournalmay tag on Instagram and here, on my blog to post pictures!  Please join me in journaling!

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