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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

One notebook set up in Midori Traveler's Notebook-how to have it all without too much weight and rewriting anything!

 Those who follow me for a long time in my planner journey know that I was a firm believer in ring bound system (Filofax). ( Don't get me wrong,  I still am).
I didn't look up closely at Midori until I watched Carry Harling's video about her Midori set up, where she explained that she hadn't bound the planner notebook in her Midori. This video has sold the Midori  system for me. I have bought it and used it until one morning.
      The biggest problem that I have with any paper planner system is that paper is heavy (rings are heavy, several notebooks are heavy,  any additions (business card holders, zipped folders etc.) are heavy and so on!). So ANY paper planner system that reduce the weight problem is a god-sent solution for me!
So, at one perfect morning,  when I collected everything that I wanted to take with me in my shoulder bag, and immediately wanted to get rid of everything right after putting it on my shoulder, I started to think how to reduce weight. Then it dawned on me that I don't have to have just one unbound planner notebook there, I could unbound ALL notebooks! I quickly removed staples and took out all written on pages, and several blank graphed sheets to write on.  And three bound notebooks are gone! And I could leave any pages that I don't need frequently at home! And I could shuffle the pages to arrange them in wanted order! That's how I started to use Midori as my main system!
So here is my already proofed set up:
1. Productivity pages (lists, to do's, projects, goals etc.)
2. 12 preprinted months  on 2 pages of 2015 year, with notes on the front and back pages (to tuck pages in between months)
3. Current month's weeks, tucked  just right after the current month on 2 pages
4. My daily/journaling pages, tucked after weeks' pages.
This I called my current month' block (with month on 2pages, weeklies, and dailies. When a month is over,  I took them out, and put a bunch of new pages after  the new month. I put the previous month' block, except the month on two pages, to arhive)
5. New graphed paper for writing on in the middle.
Everything is under one elastic. No hustle.  If I need more pages for my lists, I add my graph paper there and write a new list, the same for other sections.
The second half of the pages will be used when I will be on the second half of the year, because the June month on 2 pages is in the middle of the notebook. If I need more pages to write on the current month, I will add more, if fewer, I will just leave them blank and move on to the next month' block.
I hope my idea will be useful for you. I know that I'm not the only one who suffers from weight issues! What do you think about it?  Would you use it for yourself?

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