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Saturday, December 27, 2014

My Filofax Art Decoration Week 52/52 (Christmas!)

I haven't decorated my Filofax in a long time, several weeks, excluding November pages in my pocket crimson Filofax, that I shown in my "Planner  Addict Tag" video, and the day after Christmas I felt the urge to do it, and are very happy with the result! I hope you like it too!
It is a little collage out of a cosmetic company catalog, which are great for that kind of decoration. No washes and stickers used! Gold and pink theme, which turned out as a pretty "partners" together! I need to remember this color combination! Sometimes I discover these kind of color combination just by trying out. This time it worked out!
I used decoration scissors for the borders, Rapesco 6 hole punch for the right page, regular scissors,  and a  regular glue, nothing really fancy!
Have you decorated your pages? Please, leave links to your pictures below! I'll be happy to see them all, always great to see PLANNER eyecandy! :)
You could watch my Decoration Videos here
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