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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My 2014 Planner (Filofax) Year in Review!!!

So here is my work for the whole 2014 year! I hope you like it because I was working if not hard, but fairly intense!  I tried it to be interesting for not only Filofax lovers, but for all planner lovers in general!
My statistic is telling me, that my work is paying off, the number of my  Instagram subscribers is growing every day, and faster than on YouTube (which is sad for me), and on other medias. Probably it's because it's easier for me to make than videos. But videos are more fun, although it is far more work than just (even worked-on) pictures.
I hope you will find this video entertaining and write your comments and suggestions below. What you would like to see more from me?
P.S.I have holidays now, and working on my own inserts for Filofax of different sizes, and a planner that you will be able to print and use without any binders. Wish me to finish it soon!
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