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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

NEW Mysummertouch Planner Inserts and my "color coding without color coding" principle.

I have decided to make myself a new planner that I called- of course - Mysummertouch planner.
I am absolutely happy, because it was my dream since 2012 or 2013. Now, finally, my dream came true. I have made so far 2016 monthlies-month on two pages, and 2016 weeklies -week on two pages vertical, with 24 hours time slots. I also made a week on four pages inserts, with vertical days, so Erin condren life planner stickers would fit those slots! All of my planner inserts are gridded, with 0.4 mm grid, because my writing is so much neater on the grid than on anything else!
Mysummertouch planner, week on two pages vertical with 24 hours time, gridded

Mysummertouch planner, Month on two pages, gridded.

I also made a video about setting up my aqua Malden Filofax with Mysummertouch planner.Watch it here.Watch it here

I have not shared with you what kind of planner resolution I have for 2016. It is only one resolution,  but very powerful one! To have as much fun as possible!  I let myself to have ad many planners and planner inserts as I want! Life is too short not to enjoy it! That's why I chose a Filofax to use as my planner since the beginning of the year -it is so flexible to be able to put any inserts I want! I'm also are going to use my pocket Filofax in the summer, or a passport size Midori. I also want to try to use an A5 Filofax, my Malden in purple, or my Calipso in hot pink. I also will make inserts for Midori Traveler's Notebook,  and definitely will use it as my planner and as my creative journal,  or faux hobonichi!
I'M going to explain my system in depth in my next several videos, it is based on "color coding without color coding " principle, it is something that I use for three years or so, so I don't have to drag with me several colors pen and I always know where to find my specific to do's.
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