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Thursday, October 9, 2014

How Tameka David uses MySummerTouch' s Routine Templates in her Filofax

Some time ago on the Facebook group  Planner Peace I stumbled upon a post by Tameka David's beautiful Soho Filofax (Click on the link). Guess what she uses to track her routines?  My templates that I have linked to in one of my videos on my Youtube channel MySummerTouch  You could see the pictures of this post below. 

My idea was to collect all routines into one place.  Tameka uses her morning and evening routines,  as well as  her work routine (daily routine),  and weekly routine,  (with GTD review),  I haven't seen monthly and annualy review,  but they are there.
She uses a separate tab for all of these routines. She promised to make a video on her system on Youtube soon.
I am myself use a modified version of this table. I group to do's by categories and make sure that I look at them every time I open up my Filofax. I have made my own inserts with them,  if somebody wants them,  I will make them available on etsy shop. So please post comments below or on Youtube if you're interested!

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