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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Don't have time to watch all of new Filofax (or others) videos on YouTube?

Here is the solution. Click on the industrial-lookinf wheel (3rd from the right) on the lower left corner when you have clicked on a video already ( you will see "Settings" sign. Then click on "Speed" sign and chooseb on the speed  -from 0,25, 0,5, Normal, 1,25, 1,5, 2. Then experiment which speed is the rifgt speed for you. Different youtubers have different way to speak and to show their planners, and you'd have to experiment a little bit. I recommend to click on 2 (double speed) first, then on 1,5. Double speed, most likely,  will be uncomfortable to watch, but your ears will get used to accelerated speed, and 1,5 speed will be comfortable after that.
BTW, I watch most on double speed, and some even on 3X or 4X speed. It is because I still want to watch videos, so I won't miss anything interesting, and if I see something interesting in particular, I slow it down and watch these several minutes. Where I get 3X or 4X speed? Not on youtube, obviously. I download videos, and watch them on a media player on my smartphone.
I hope I saved you time, and even a lot of time! (I'm on vacation' and I watched a lot of videos with pleasure, can't stop looking on Hobonichies planners, but it's a different story!)

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