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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Can't Bear to Rewrite your A-Z files ( addresses, phone numbers) in your Filofax? Here is the Quick Solution.

I have a section in my Filofax that is called "Contacts"

I have never shown them before just because they are not pretty.  They are mess. I write there mostly phone numbers, divided into categories ( I love to categorize everything,  as my lovely long time subscribers know), such as:
-phones related to my daughter (kindergarten, her doctors, different classes' teachers, etc.),
-local stores', libraries', banks', dry cleaning',  cinema theaters', etc. open hours and phones,
-non-local places (stores, restaurants,  etc),
-phones related to me:
-my doctors', my hair stylists', my nail salons', etc,
-my work, and my collegues' s phone numbers,
-my friends'phones,
-my close family's phones,
-phones and addresses of my distant relatives.
 I don't carry all of the contact pages with me all the time. Most of them stored at home. With me go just most frequently used numbers.
The problem with them is that these pages wear out. And to rewrite them... ouch.  I have a headache just thinking about it! Too much work. And I have to leave out the information that I don't need anymore, (maybe? probably? who knows? ). So I also would have to decide on it. Ouch. What if I need it? And not all categories are written where they are supposed to be written,  I need to rewrite them into other categories.  Ouch again!
 And to leave these pages just like that is also not a solution.  They are not pleasant to have in my Filofax. What to do?
Here is my solution.  I'm not going to rewrite them. I'm going to scan or photocopy them, cut them apart, and glue them onto new pages.  It is still ''work'',  but not as much as if to rewrite everything again! And, if something happens with my filofax, I will have a copy of my contacts stored into my computer if I have scanned them or, if I made a photocopy, I also have had made another copy just for these occasions!
Do you like this idea?
Happy organizing!

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