Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How old is the oldest page in your Filofax?

If you are my subscriber, you probably know that I moved from my lovely A5 Calipso and Malden back to a personal size. Because of this,  I had to make my set up all over again. I took my "old" goals, affirmations, yearly planning pages and this has got me thinking:

How many people use their Filofax'es/FranklinCovey's consistently during this year?

How old are the oldest pages that they have?

How many people plan so far in advance that have pages from several years before this year?

Are you one of those people?

My oldest insert is my yearly planning page that I have put in November or December of last year. I'm still using it as I intended to use it.

There are January-December months on the top and things I need to do each month or just once or twice a year etc. On the left. I put this routine in front of the current month and check what I need to get done this month there. No rewriting.  Easy and effective. I even have a video about it on my YouTube channel.

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